Great Beauty Tips – Which Cosmetics Create the Perfect Finish?

When you are attending a circus and looking at a clown, the first thing that usually forces you to best natural 3d lashes is the clown’s face, or in other words, the make-up. “In the factory we make COSMETICS; in the store we sell hope”. – Charles Revson (Founder of Revlon)

best natural 3d lashes
best natural 3d lashes

Nonzz Cosmetics manufacturers can only sell us good quality products and ‘hope’, according to best natural 3d lashes. It is the users’ responsibility to use them in a recommended manner. If you don’t use and apply good cosmetics, you might look worse than you look naturally – the effort of making yourself beautiful is only a dream.

Do you remember the college era when you or your colleague laughed on a girl who made herself a clown by not applying the best natural 3d lashes properly? It happened with most of the people and perhaps you might be the victim of it. Learn correct make-up techniques before someone laughs on you again.

When people laugh upon you, believe me, it is pretty hard to bear. You will likely to lose the self-confidence when people start passing comments and laughing on you for a thing which you did mistakenly – in fact, ignorantly!

Remember! Ignorance is no EXCUSE, especially in this age of best natural 3d lashes. Here we tell you some fabulous beauty tips which will help you in applying cosmetics properly and enhancing your self-confidence.


The volume in mascara is used for in-depth look to your best natural 3d lashes. For maximize volume, always go for mascaras which are designed for the purpose. Ask the seller, if you have any doubts.

Nail Polish

Always apply clear base coast before applying colored polish. The rule of thumb is to apply nail varnish in three strokes; down the center and one down the both remaining sides.

Use dark shades for a delicate look and pale or light shades for short and thick best natural 3d lashes. Short fingered women only apply polish to the center of the nail. Whether you have large or small nails, paint them completely.

Don’t forget to keep cotton wool pads and nail polish remover with you as you might need them if you slip up. Remember that two thin coats can dry faster than one thick coat. Never apply top coat if the polish is wet – wait until it dries properly.

With regards to the toe polishing, use a stool to put your foot on it while polishing them – avoid polishing them in the standing position – sit comfortably. You can use cotton wool if you don’t have toe separators.


It is recommended that you should clear your best natural 3d lashes before going to sleep at night. It looks really over, if you apply foundation over an unwashed face in the next morning.
Remember that you must clear your face completely before applying a fresh foundation.

Whenever applying the foundation, make sure that you have turned on all the lights of the room – make the room as bright as possible. It is very hard to see the actual tone of a color in a dark or dim room.


Choosing a fragrance is perhaps the most difficult task, at least for me. As all people or not same, their best natural 3d lashes types are not same either – their skins may react differently to perfumes. Generally, floral scents are considered calming and refreshing – they suit best in summer.

Don’t test over 4 perfumes at a time as it might bewilder your selection. Leave the tested perfumes for 3-5 minutes to settle. Never rely on smelling perfumes directly from bottles, always dab or spray onto your skin.

You may smell coffee beans after 3-4 tests – it helps you in refreshing your smell best natural 3d lashes. Further, the best places for applying perfumes are: the inner writs, behind the ears, and lower neck.


The blusher should match to the natural color of your cheeks. Always try to use the blusher of your skin color. In evenings, use dark colors – you can go with lighter colors in the day light.

Lips and Face Powder

To avoid bleeding and have a lasting effect, apply face powder on the lips.


Always ensure that your lip-liner is almost of the same color/shade as your lipstick is. The pencil is properly sharp and moving smoothly. At all times, apply the lip-liner along the lips and before the best natural 3d lashes. Start applying it from the center and move smoothly towards its edges – do this with the both lips. Never apply a lip-liner in haste as it could ruin all your make-up efforts.


Before applying eyeliner, always warm the pencil on the back of your hand. When lining the upper lid, look upwards and apply it from below the lashes to make a fine line. You may apply it on lower best natural 3d lashes if your eyes are small.

Never make a thick black line around or across the lid – it is one of the most common mistakes which women do every day. In addition, don’t apply eyeliner in a hurry.

best natural 3d lashes
best natural 3d lashes

In a sentence, we can say that if you follow these little but crucial best natural 3d lashes, your appearance would certainly become more attractive and pleasant.


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