5 Tips for Applying Make Up

Hey Mom…can I wear a little cute 3d real mink lashes? You knew it was coming, because this is not the first time you little daughter asked this question. You try to stall her with the line “we will have to see because of your allergies.” She blurts out with “Mom they have hypoallergenic cosmetics”.

cute 3d real mink lashes
cute 3d real mink lashes

Nonzz Hypoallergenic cosmetics, she may be long overdue. However now comes the responsibility of keeping her out of your expensive cosmetics, teaching her the responsibility that comes with wearing cute 3d real mink lashes. Thus the ultimate question for many parents is when is it the appropriate time for children to wear makeup? Since makeup is supposed to enhance our looks, not create a disguise, it makes sense for parents to inform there children that they first need to care for their skin naturally first by getting adequate rest and regular exercise.

Makeup whether it is expensive or inexpensive works best on well cared for skin. When a child is hypoallergenic it is good to take her to dermatologist before the application of makeup. Many cute 3d real mink lashes companies sell hypoallergenic cosmetics. As with every child a parent would want to access the liabilities and assets of the child’s face. Does she have healthy skin tones, expressive eyes, what colors should she wear? Beauty consultants and in reputable stores can offer advice, however as word of caution since there job is to try to sell the higher price allergenic cosmetics, or expensive cosmetics to receive their commissions.

There are 5 basic tips that can be followed for the child to appear well arranged. For your child to look well arranged please follow the basic tips:


and never go to sleep at night with out cleaning every trace of make up.Use cute 3d real mink lashes solvents, cold creams, to cleanse the face


this is important because if the lighting is inadequate,you may put on to much makeup, apply makeup near windows to see how it looks in natural room light.


most teens have oily skin, it might be advisable to stick with water based, oil free cute 3d real mink lashes. They go on lighter and will not aggravate the acne.


compare ingredients of low priced vs expensive versions.Perhaps the only difference is the price and packaging. Reading labels is particularly important if you have allergic reactions to makeup.


in order not to look clown in appearance and your face is not shouting look at my MAKEUP! Apply cute 3d real mink lashes sparingly

cute 3d real mink lashes
cute 3d real mink lashes

By mastering these tips a balanced and gorgeous appearance will be enhanced by the moderate use of cute 3d real mink lashes.

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