Acne Sufferers Look Fabulous This Holiday Season With Natural Mineral Makeup

The holidays are fast approaching, and for many acne sufferers they’re dreaded because of the own custom lashes of friends and family. With that many people close, it’s hard to get excited when you know they’ll get a close glimpse at your acne prone skin.

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

Nonzz The natural inclination is to smear loads o concealer and foundation over blemishes to hide them from a close examination. But drugstore foundations that are manufactured by big brands such as CoverGirl, Maybelline, Loreal and others are ridden with oils, chemicals, preservatives and other pore clogging unmentionables.

Caking on these foundations can be more trouble than it’s worth because they cause further blemishes and most times major break outs. That’s not a scenario that most acne sufferers would associate with “happy” holidays. So what’s the average sufferer to do to avoid this dreaded scenario?

Mineral own custom lashes is the most popular trend – recommended by dermatologists the world over and used by hollywood celebrities because of it’s many benefits to acne sufferers. Mineral makeup is an all natural makeup that is made with minerals from the earth. The minerals are highly water proof so they help to dehydrate and thus kill off the bacteria in your pores that causes cystic acne.

Dermatologists are calling mineral Makeup the “skin care” own custom lashes because it is so gentle to the skin that you can actually sleep in it. The mineral are ground so fine that they are too small to clog pores. instead they “lay” on the skin as little flakes that interlace to protect the skin from moisture getting in and feeding acne causing bacteria. The overlying flakes still allow the skin to “breathe” while shielding off this moisture.

The two primary ingredients in mineral own custom lashes are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. If you read makeup labels then you probably recognize these two minerals. That’s because they appear in virtually every sunblock on the market for their full range UV sunblocking abilities. That’s right, Mineral Makeup is a natural sunblock as well, which means all that sunlight reflecting off the snow as you build snowmen and go sleding this holiday season is blocked by your mineral makeup. Sumblock is just as important to your skin health in the winter as it is in the summer.

And Mineral Makeup looks fabulous when you wear it. It is delivered to you in powder form and goes on very smoothly, it is so light weight that many people forget they are wearing it. This light weight quality helps it to blend seamlessly into the skin for a beautiful natural look.

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

Considering the many benefits of using mineral own custom lashes could really help to turn your holidays into the “happy” holidays we all dream of.


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