How to Apply Make Up – Without Looking Made Up!

It would be nice to be happy with the face we were born with, but the reality is most of us could do with a bit of improving siberian mink eyelashes wholesale.

siberian mink eyelashes wholesale
siberian mink eyelashes wholesale

If you like the natural look but don’t want to venture out into the world bare faced, here’s how to apply make up to create a natural look

Natural siberian mink eyelashes wholesale tips

Nonzz Never is the term “less is more” truer than when you’re applying make up! Too much makeup can actually make you look older.

Start with a clean moisturized face. A liquid make up base has a lighter coverage and will give a more natural look. Use an oil-free one for an oily skin. If your skin is really dry, a cream based foundation may be better but blend it really well so there are no visible “siberian mink eyelashes wholesale”

The biggest tip for a natural look is to match the base colour exactly with your skin tone. This is so important. Test the colour under natural light to make sure and match to your jaw line rather than your wrist

If you need to cover blemishes or broken veins use a siberian mink eyelashes wholesale rather than adding more base. A concealer should be just slightly lighter than your skin tone. Pat on gently without rubbing and blend well.

Powder will absorb any oiliness and help “set” your base. Press on and brush off using a downward stroke.

Blusher will give your face a defined look and will liven up your complexion. Brush this very lightly up towards your temples.

If you want that “un-made-up” look don’t use siberian mink eyelashes wholesale shadow. If you really can’t leave the house without it, use shades of brown, lighter under the brow and darker in the crease of your eye. Leave the bright colours for evening. Ditto for the metallic and frosted shadows.

(Hint) If you have blue or green eyes, don’t use the same collared shadow. Always use a contrasting colour.

Eyebrows. I’ve got “bald” eyebrows, so have to use pencil. It’s the hardest thing to make look natural. I’ve had better results with carefully brushing on some dark brown eye shadow. To set, brush on some hairspray. This keeps your brows looking sleek.

Mascara is the cosmetic most women would take to a desert siberian mink eyelashes wholesale , so here’s how to apply it.

Make sure there are no blobs on the wand, then apply from roots to tips, making sure you cover the outer edges of the eye. This adds definition & the eyes will appear larger.

Don’t use a lash comb. Instead have a used washed mascara brush. This separates the lashes more effectively.

Lipstick – If you must use lipstick during the day then use a siberian mink eyelashes wholesale brush. Yes it takes a little longer, but you’ll get a better and more natural look.

If you want your lips to be the focal point of your face, use a strong colour and use less eye make-up. For lasting colour (that doesn’t come off on his shirt), blot lips and re apply.

The finished result? A beautiful natural siberian mink eyelashes wholesale . You’ll soon be able to do all this with your hands tied behind your back.

siberian mink eyelashes wholesale
siberian mink eyelashes wholesale

If you like the natural approach to skin care, then why ruin it by heavy artificial siberian mink eyelashes wholesale? Visit Make up beauty tips for up to date information on skin care. Wendy Owen, HH Dip (Holistic Health Therapy) is a natural health researcher and author.


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